At the beginning of your project, we’ll ask you initial questions to learn a bit more about your design goals and needs. We will also meet with you in person, on the phone, and discuss over email to gain more insight into your project.

Space Planning & Design Concept

Once we have an understanding of the scope of your project, we begin exploring creative concepts that we will work with and reference throughout the design process. While the ideas presented during this phase are often high-level, they
provide the inspiration for the more concrete design decisions that we will make down the road.

Design Development

During the design development phase, we go from the more conceptual and abstract down to specifics. We finalize the floorplan, and select or design the architectural features, finishes, and electrical fixtures.


With the floorplans complete, we move into selecting furniture, accessories, and art. We will show you a comprehensive package of options that are within your budget and timeline.

Purchase & Construction Management

We consolidate and store all items until installation. During this phase, we set a firm installation date. If there is construction in your project, we work with the architect and contractor from start to finish.


To make the experience as smooth as possible, we consolidate installation to a 2-3 day period. Our in-house stylists and
designers oversee installation of your furniture, accessories, and art.